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Meek Mill Drops New Music Video "Big Boy" and Fans Are Loving It

Philadelphia rap phenomenon Meek Mill is striking hard again with the release of his another smash music video, "Big Boy." Launched on April 12, 2024, it already made a staggering 425,788 views within this short period and is currently at #29 on the trending chart of YouTube. Directed by the talented @Carters_Vision, "Big Boy" promises to be another hit in Meek Mill's impressive repertoire.

Meek Mill - Big Boy (Official Music Video)

"Big Boy" Visual Delight

Visually stellar, Meek Mill has his typical overabundance and charisma in a video filled with powerful scenes. Anything from a gritty urban landscape to a luxury setting is so carefully and artistically put in its composition for each frame that it could do justice to the raw power of the track.

Meek Mill's Powerful Lyrics

"Big Boy" opens Meek Mill's lyrics with hard-hitting lines and verses. The bravado in the song's lyrics, with such foot-tapping beats, is meant for fans to bop with a lot of hype and nods.

Listen/Download 'HEATHENISM'

Meek Mill, as always, does not disappoint with "Big Boy." The song just serves as a teaser for his upcoming project titled "HEATHENISM." It is definitely one of those hip-hop tracks you should try playing this season. Fans can listen to the song at the link and download it: HEATH Join the Hype: Subscribe to Meek Mill's official channel for all his latest music video releases and exclusive content: Subscribe The Meek Mill Show stays with one of the titans, and "Big Boy" simply solidifies that statement. Vibe out to the rhythm of Meek Mill's new anthem, and some magic with "Big Boy."


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