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Luh Tyler Ignites the Scene with "Erykah Badu (Remix)" Official Video

Luh Tyler gives the scene something to talk about with "Erykah Badu (Remix)" official. Rising hip-hop star Luh Tyler, straight out of Tallahassee, Florida, has just released the official video to a visually striking short film from his latest record, "Erykah Badu (Remix)."

Tallahassee Rapper Luh Tyler

The polished raw energy and lyrical abilities of Tyler, who was clearly getting attention, take center stage in the short film that was just now delivered to several major music outlets.

The video is a vibrant urban tale that echoes the remix's gritty, soulful undertones and pays homage to its namesake: iconic singer Erykah Badu. The vision of Luh Tyler in the film pops off the screen with colorful visuals and the very engaging story of his roots and expansive musical range.

With this release, Tyler solidifies his place as one of those artists to keep an eye on, but it also connects to the legacy of neo-soul and hip-hop with generational sounds. The "Erykah Badu (Remix)" is poised to be a significant milestone in his career, appealing to both old fans of Badu and new listeners drawn by Tyler's innovative approach.

Fans can certainly expect more groundbreaking stuff from him as he keeps on growing with his sound, which is never-distinctive, and leaves an increasingly bigger mark on the music business. The "Erykah Badu (Remix)" is streaming now, and the video is sure to be a fan favorite among those that dig highly conceptual, avant-garde music vids.


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