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Dee Mula Premieres His Gritty New Music Video "38118" - a Tribute to Memphis

Exploring the Streets of Memphis: Dee Mula's "38118" Visualizes the Heart of His Hometown

Recently, a music video for the track "38118" by Dee Mula, a rapper from Memphis, was presented. The music video was released on April 26, 2024, and rapidly collected 68,246 views. The video salutes Dee Mula's hometown, which is none other than Memphis, and vividly captures its identity and the challenges it holds in the area code 38118, which is stamped with a fast culture and intense social structure.

"38118" journeys viewers into a raw and uncut Memphis through the eyes of Dee Mula as he remixes his custom razor-tongued lyrics, with arresting and sweeping imagery of the city that raised him. As a whole, the music video really personifies the neighborhood, as some shots provide a view of local landscapes and activities that only a native eye might notice.

Dee Mula humbles his hometown till the very end of the video, making it a showcase of his musical talent but also a heartfelt tribute to his roots. The track itself is a testament to Dee Mula's storytelling grind, and with beats that reassuredly tough, reverberates the resilient 38118 spirit.

As Dee Mula's stock continues to rise in the rap world, "38118" is a worthy addition to his catalog and, more importantly, an example of holding your head high during times of great adversity in order to meet the standards one has set for themselves. The music video is ready for streaming and already pulls quite a number of viewers from all over the world. This means it will end up connecting many fans to the real Memphis that Dee Mula represents.


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