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Lil Tjay Arrested on His Birthday Over Outstanding Warrant

Lil Tjay was arrested during his own birthday party for being wanted on an outstanding warrant.

Lil Tjay mugshot

Arrest Details and Response

Bronx rapper Lil Tjay, whose real name is Tione Merritt, was arrested at the Miami-Opa Locka airport on the rapper's 23rd birthday.

Tjay got arrested Tuesday, April 30, for an outstanding warrant related to a missed court date from September 2021 and, of course, got out soon after posting a $500 bond. His mugshot, however, soon appeared online. The rapper took to Instagram to respond to the incident, where he was seen boarding a jet.

LilTJay boarding a jet

Downplaying the importance of the arrest, he wrote, "I AINT HEAR NUN THE BLOGS SAID CAUSE WHERE IM AT IT AINT NO SERVICE. 500 ON MY BDAY SHI** BOUT NUN I DESERVE IT." He also said in an Instagram Story that authorities "violated on [his] birthday."

Legal Issues

This isn't Lil Tjay's first run-in with the law. Just last year, he was arrested for reckless endangerment after he live-streamed himself driving.

In the video, he pretty much questioned the police trying to arrest him and definitely denied having a firearm in the car.

Earlier, Tjay had to turn himself in on a gun charge, which reportedly relates to the shooting of 2022 where he was a victim. His attorney specified that this arrest is by no means a new gun charge; it is rather the result of the incident where Tjay was shot multiple times.

Reflections on Past Incidents

When one thinks about it, it can be noted that Lil Tjay narrowly escaped being shot several times in New Jersey in June 2022. He was, however, brought back to life and put on an emergency table. And as soon as he recovered, Tjay thanked fans for what happened, saying, "Thanks for the love, thanks for the support." With the legal saga of his cases continuing, Lil Tjay didn't let up on his woes and goes on to tweet more about the difficulty in opening up to his fans and followers.


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