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Shooting at Lil Baby Music Video Set Injures Three in Atlanta

A music video shoot for popular rapper Lil Baby got in the middle of a tragedy after gunfire burst in an Atlanta commercial strip last Tuesday. Lil Baby was not hurt, but three men were shot in the incident. The firing occurred in the middle of filming and began to raise questions about the safety of public entertainment events.

Status of the Victims and Police Investigation

The victims – who were not members of Lil Baby's crew – were shot in the chest, arm, and neck. Police in Atlanta are advising that all three victims will likely survive the shooting. So far, there have been no identities released and no police leads as to the motive behind the shooting or who the suspects might be.

Lil Baby's reaction

So far, Lil Baby has made no public statement regarding the shooting, and even if the rapper confirmed his presence during the video shoot, a spokesman came forward to answer the authorities' confirmation. By all accounts, this incident was one of the last things that the local community and his fans were expecting. This is especially true in the wake of another shooting, only less than a year ago, that happened during a Lil Baby concert in Memphis, where one person was critically injured.

Historical Perspective on Event Violence

The most recent incident in a music-related event by the Lil Baby associated scene follows a disturbing trend of violence. At a Memphis concert last year, a shooting seriously injured Young Dolph's cousin, CEO Jizzle. Shortly after the event, Jizzle took to social media to make dramatic posts regarding the incident, despite his injuries, claiming that, although he had not only survived but was asking for prayers regarding the individuals who had assaulted him.

Safety Concerns in the Music Industry

These acts of violence are just one chapter of an ongoing drama when it comes to safety at music events and venues. Despite the high level of control normally in place, firearms at the venue or shootings are a huge issue for both acts and the organizers of the events.

Industry Response

In the aftermath of the Memphis concert shooting, Lil Baby took to social media in order to fully take responsibility for his fans, saying he was going to deal with the logistical aftermath, rather than the incident itself. He promised to reimburse tickets to all who had previously bought them, showing a quick response to the sudden cancellation without explicitly mentioning the violence.

Supporting act GloRilla

Shared her shock on Instagram Live, commenting on bringing the gun to the arena with all of its security and contrasting it to the otherwise peaceful progress of their tour, she noted it was unexpected.


The recent shooting at Lil Baby's video shoot in Atlanta adds to the growing concerns over safety at entertainment events. Both communities and fans continue to plead with the industry to delve deeper into the matter once more and re-evaluate the existing security protocols to better safeguard the artists and the guests.


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