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Lil Pump and Vitaly Catch Pedophiles in Real Life with Live Stream Support

Rapper Lil Pump and social media personality Vitaly set out to reel in online pedophiles in real life in encounters streaming on Kick.

Lil Pump and Vitaly Catch a Pedophile

In one of the videos that went viral on social media, Lil Pump and Vitaly took on an alleged pedophile, even spray-painting his face. And to the soundtrack in the background, he blasts Lil Pump's trending single "I Love It," which features Kanye West, while he records the dramatic scene with a camera crew.


During a live broadcast on Kick, sponsored by Stake, Lil Pump and Vitaly evidently formulated their aggressive position in relation to the alleged molester. They have just taken a spray can and painted the guy's face while putting special meaning in that action.


This made their message further urgent, where viewers had a live stream to hear and see the events unfold in real time.

Inspirational Message by Lil Pump

Lil Pump expressed his disgust and dismay, saying, "This shit is sick and gotta stop! What would u do if u caught a Pedo?" Strong words and a firm resolve not to bow before pedophiles but also a commitment to use his platform to create awareness about the vice.

Raise Awareness and Spark the Conversation

The video and live stream are controversial enough, but at least it has raised hot discussions in social media against the seriousness of the issue. While pedophiles can continue catching them in real life, Lil Pump and Vitaly managed to enhance the awareness for the necessity of a proactive reaction.

Their effort has started a dialogue on the importance of protecting the vulnerable from predators, even though in an unorthodox way.


With the use of a viral video and live streaming, also sponsored by Stake, Lil Pump and Vitaly managed to amplify their message. Their approach to the capture of pedophiles in real life has spurned huge discussion and awareness over the topic, ultimately for saving poor persons from such threats.


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