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Music Video of the Week!! Discover the latest music videos from 9 rising artists, including Asian Da Brat, DaBaby, BabyTron, Jdot Breezy, Jay Hound, Baby Smoove, BKtherula, Yung Bans, and That Mexican OT. Follow their Instagram accounts for more updates and behind-the-scenes content!


Get In Wit Me - Asian Da Brat (@asiandabrat)

Asian Da Brat’s "Get In Wit Me" brings her A-game with infectious beats and captivating visuals, making it a must-watch for her fans. The video features sleek cinematography and energetic choreography that perfectly complements Brat's style.

Wonder Women - DaBaby (@dababy)

DaBaby shines in "Wonder Women," an action-packed cinematic masterpiece featuring him as the hero. With its catchy hook and outstanding visuals, it's a strong contender for Video of the Week.

Ex - BabyTron (@babytron)

BabyTron's "Ex" takes viewers on an emotional ride, exploring love and heartbreak with his exceptional storytelling and lyrical skills. The raw and unfiltered video makes a compelling case for Video of the Week.

A Threat - Jdot Breezy (@jdotbreezy)

In "A Threat," Jdot Breezy delivers a knockout performance, showcasing his raw talent and charisma. The gritty video is filled with intense energy and captivating visuals.

See My Face - Jay Hound (@_therealjayhound)

Jay Hound’s "See My Face" is a soulful ballad that resonates deeply, featuring heartfelt lyrics and stirring vocals against the backdrop of beautiful cinematography and emotionally charged performances.

lol - Baby Smoove (@babysmoove22)

Baby Smoove's "lol" is a light-hearted and fun video with a catchy tune, guaranteed to lift spirits with its witty lyricism and quirky visuals.

SHAKIN IT - BKtherula (@bktherula)

BKtherula heats up the dance floor with "SHAKIN IT," an infectious anthem complemented by bold styling and electrifying performances, making it a top pick for Video of the Week.

Straight Cash - Yung Bans (@yungbans)

Yung Bans brings attitude in "Straight Cash," showcasing hard-hitting beats and slick production. The video stands out with its stylish visuals and charismatic performances.

Function - That Mexican OT (@thatmexicanot)

That Mexican OT's "Function" delivers party vibes with infectious energy and catchy hooks, making it perfect for getting you moving. The video is vibrant, filled with memorable performances.


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