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Sauce Walka Unveils His Latest Banger "7 in a cup"

Houston's very own Sauce Walka—dubbed multi-genre, inventive artist—recently released his latest music video, "7 in a Cup," and it was nothing short of pure hit. Let's dig a bit deeper into what makes this track something all hip-hop lovers wouldn't want to miss.

Houston Rapper Sauce Walka

Sauce Walka Flavor

Through some of the most popular songs from one of the Houston rap game's most influential figures, Sauce Walka has truly set his own lane with salacious, sauce-filled rhymes and impactful charisma. A Toast to "7 in a Cup"

The trap star turns up his signature energy and swagger with this release, "7 in a Cup," certifying why he is arguably one of the most demanded artists in the game.

"7 in a Cup" is more than a song; it is an anthem to those that hustle hard and play even harder. With an infectious beat and hooks that catch, "7 in a Cup" is the surefire way to get the heads of hip-hop to nod and repeat hit. Raw lyrics paired with a dynamic flow make it very easy not to vibe with him from the beginning of the track all the way through, painting a picture of his lifestyle.

Fan Reception

Upon its release, "7 in a Cup" received great fan reception, with some critics giving it very high marks. Fans have lauded it for its energy, catchy lyrics, and an inability to be easily played down—easily making it another instant classic.


With "7 in a Cup," Sauce Walka continues to prove why he's one of the most electrifying artists in rap today. From his infectious energy to his unparalleled swagger, he's the kind of guy who constantly takes the genre to its outer limits and carves his own lane out. However, if he keeps grinding and rising to the top, one fact remains plain: Sauce Walka is here to stay, and "7 in a Cup" is only the one of many more heights to scale in what portends to be a phenomenal career.


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