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Rising Star Jay Cinco Drops Emotional Music Video "Crying To The Ceiling"

Jay Cinco, hailing from Watts, California, has quickly risen as a compelling voice in the music scene, capturing hearts with "Crying To The Ceiling," his latest music video. His raw, emotion-packed tracks, including "Ghetto Angels" and "Hood Confessions," have already marked him as an artist to watch, but it's his authentic storytelling in this new release that promises to deepen the connection with his audience.

Rapper Jay Cinco holding a stack of money

Embarking on a Musical Odyssey

Before music called him, Jay Cinco's first love was basketball, a passion he pursued through high school. However, by January 2020, Jay found his true calling in rap. Growing up in Compton, surrounded by challenges like drugs and gang violence, music became Jay's refuge and a means to voice his personal narrative.

Triumph Over Tragedy

Jay's journey has been anything but easy. Originating from an area known for its affiliation with the Carver Park Crips, he faced losses and hardships that could easily derail dreams. Yet, Jay turned these experiences into fuel for his music, standing today as an independent artist who inspires resilience and hope through his lyrics.

A Rich Tapestry of Influence

Jay's music is deeply enriched by his multicultural heritage, including Mexican, African American, Samoan, and Native American roots, adding layers to his storytelling. Supported by his mother and cousin Carl Lewis, Jay has navigated his path in the music industry, drawing inspiration from artists like Offset and DDG to forge his unique sound.

"Crying To The Ceiling": A Visual and Emotional Journey

Jay Cinco's expanding fan base, now over 380,000 strong on Instagram, eagerly anticipates each release. "Crying To The Ceiling" showcases Jay's growth as an artist, melding introspective lyrics with compelling beats. Directed by a renowned filmmaker, the music video is a visually stunning narrative that complements Jay Cinco's powerful storytelling.

Staying Connected with Jay Cinco

For those drawn to Jay Cinco's heartfelt music and evocative storytelling, follow him on social media to stay abreast of his latest projects and releases.

Follow Jay Cinco on Instagram: @therealjaycincoo

As Jay Cinco continues to evolve and impact the music world, "Crying To The Ceiling" stands as a testament to his journey, inviting listeners into the depths of his experiences and emotions. Don't miss out on witnessing the rise of this profound artist.


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