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Punchmade Dev Unleashes Visual Spectacle in "I'm Rich, You're Poor"

Punchmade Dev is one of the great talents of the hip-hop world and, through his new single "I'm Rich, You're Poor," has once again been able to impress his fans. This is an official music video that preaches not by the eye but rather power, success, and unapologetic swag that Punchmade Dev is.

Punchmade Dev

A Cinematic Experience

"I'm Rich, You're Poor" is a far cry from run-of-the-mill music video footage, more like a cinematically epic adventure, taking one on a ride deep into Punchmade Dev's opulent and flamboyant universe. Visuals and dynamic camera treatment bring authenticity to the video with grit and realism, thereby throwing light on the uniqueness of stylized flair from Punchmade Dev.

Unapologetic Attitude

Punchmade Dev's unapologetic persona is the heart of "I'm Rich, You're Poor." He brings confidence, charisma, and a fearless bravado toward his lyrics and everything he does. This is more than a music video; it is a declaration of sureness and defiance of laying docile.


With "I'm Rich, You're Poor," Punchmade Dev undoubtedly cements his place in the list of hip-hop heavyweights. Bold, uncompromising, and all-around just completely mesmerizing, it is music videos like this one that stand as proof positive to Punchmade Dev's art and talent, which have won him millions of fans around the world.

Don’t miss a single jolt of this electric release—check out "I'm Rich, You're Poor" right now and see what all the magic is about for yourself!


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