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Luh JoJo Drops New Music Video "Head First"

Another new offering from Luh JoJo is Alabama rapper Head First, whose grimy visuals and hard, punishing beats cast yet another limelight on the gritty, down-in-the-dirt essence of Alabama's rap culture.

Alabama rapper Luh JoJo

About Luh JoJo

Luh JoJo will best be remembered for the viral track "Members" in the year 2022. He has presented studio albums like "In the Name of Boot," "Evil Twin," and "Money Makin' Music" since 2021. Luh JoJo signed to Run It Up Records in September 2023.

Before Fame

From a hopeful college basketball player earlier, Luh JoJo's life went through a whole 360 after he suffered a near-fatal accident in March of 2020. During the recovery phase, he found love for music and debuted with his first single "Just the Beginning" in April of 2021.


Luh JoJo would be described as a great entrepreneur, even right from a very tender age. He is said to have hustled others by selling shoes and handmade wallets, where he was making extra money with the skill.

Family Life

Much as he is the only musician in the family, Luh JoJo gets immense support from his kinsmen. Mostly, his mum accompanies him in most of his video shootings and interviews.

In an interview with The Progress Report, Luh JoJo said he was open with relationships because he "don't discriminate."

Associated With

Luh JoJo has even found a way to do some network and influence expansions with a group of artists such as Luh Darius, Luh Soldier, and TNT Tez, in collaboration with other forms of artists.


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