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Lil 50 and YTB Fatt Drop Visuals for "Nine Lives" Collaboration

Hard-hitting rapper Lil 50 is back with the release of his latest music video for "Nine Lives," featuring YTB Fatt. With hard-hitting lyrics over hard-hitting beats, Lil 50 is making waves in hip-hop with his ever-flowing style and unshakable talent.

About Lil 50

The rap game has a glorified name popular, as Lil 50 has taken the fame for tracks like "Freddie N Jason" and "Out the Sunroof." With more than 370,000 followers on Instagram and millions of viewers on his YouTube channel, he's certainly the one to reckon with.

Rapper Lil 50

The New Release

Meanwhile, on "Nine Lives," Lil 50 teams with YTB Fatt for another frenetic banger, which highlights their outsized chemistry and equally matched lyrical talents. The music video was captured in urban landscape scenery as a representational explanation of their gritty narratives and bravado.

Beyond Houston

Despite coming from Cleveland, Ohio, Lil 50's influences have no specific point on the map. His authenticity and dedication to the music have made fans from wherever they may be, which certainly puts him in that category of rising stars.


As "Nine Lives" continues on, Lil 50 stands to be one of the most powerful and influential forces in music. His sonic resonances and solid grind in the game speak to what it actually takes to break barriers and keep hip-hop inspired worldwide. Keep an eye out for Lil 50 as he continues to dominate the airwaves with his infectious beats and captivating lyrics.


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