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Jim Jones Reveals His Father's Day Wish: 'I Want A Me-Some'

Dipset Rapper Shares His Unique Father’s Day Request

Jim Jones Reveals His Father's Day Wish: 'I Want A Me-Some'

Jim Jones' Father's Day PSA

Jim Jones, a prominent figure in hip-hop and a member of Dipset, recently took to Instagram to share his unique Father's Day wish. In a candid video, Jones emphasized the importance of acknowledging the hard work fathers put in and humorously requested a "me-some" for Father's Day.

What is a "Me-Some"?

In the video, Jim Jones explained that a "me-some" involves being treated to luxury items like clothes, Louis Vuitton, and Bottega Veneta by loved ones. He stressed the need for fathers to feel appreciated and pampered, akin to how mothers are celebrated on Mother’s Day.

Past Frustrations

This isn’t the first time Jones has voiced his frustrations about the lack of appreciation for fathers. In 2022, he publicly vented on social media, calling for better treatment and recognition for fathers on their special day. His passionate plea resonated with many, highlighting a common sentiment among fathers who feel overlooked.

Social Media Reactions

The rapper’s latest video sparked a wide range of reactions on social media. Fans and fellow fathers appreciated his humorous yet poignant message, agreeing that fathers often deserve more recognition and appreciation. The video quickly went viral, drawing attention to Jones’ ongoing campaign for fatherly appreciation.

Jim Jones' Influence

Jim Jones has always been a vocal figure in hip-hop, using his platform to address various issues. His latest PSA is a continuation of his efforts to bring attention to the importance of celebrating fathers. Known for his raw and unfiltered style, Jones’ messages often strike a chord with his audience.

The Importance of Celebrating Fathers

Jones’ video underscores a broader cultural issue: the need to celebrate and appreciate fathers for their contributions and sacrifices. By highlighting this topic, Jones hopes to encourage more meaningful celebrations of Father’s Day, ensuring that fathers feel valued and loved.


Jim Jones’ heartfelt and humorous Father’s Day wish has once again brought attention to the importance of appreciating fathers. As the hip-hop community and fans rally behind his message, it’s clear that his efforts are resonating. This Father’s Day, Jones' wish is a reminder to celebrate the fathers who work tirelessly to support their families.


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