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Hip-Hop Star Sexyy Red Arrested After Newark Airport Brawl

Rising Rapper Involved in Airport Altercation Leading to Arrest

The Incident at Newark Airport

Sexyy Red, one of hip-hop's prominent rising stars, was arrested following a brawl at Newark Airport on June 8, 2024. The incident, which was caught on security footage and widely circulated online, involved a physical altercation between Sexyy Red, her entourage, and another group of individuals. The conflict escalated when a fan took a photo of Sexyy Red and her bodyguard without permission, leading to a heated confrontation.

Sexyy Red Arrested

Breaking news on Sexyy Red's arrest. (Photo Credit: HHP News)

Details of the Brawl

Security footage and eyewitness reports indicate that Sexyy Red was seen wielding a pole during the altercation. Although she did not hit anyone with it, she was pushed to the ground before getting back up and walking away from the scene. Airport security quickly intervened, breaking up the fight and detaining several individuals, including Sexyy Red.

Security footage of the brawl involving Sexyy Red at Newark Airport. (Video Credit: TMZ)

Charges and Legal Consequences

Sexyy Red was charged with disorderly conduct and taken into custody. She spent some time in jail before being released early Saturday morning. Other individuals involved in the altercation faced assault charges, and the alleged victims received medical treatment for minor injuries.

Sexyy Red's Response

After her release, Sexyy Red addressed the incident on social media, maintaining a positive attitude. She posted a video saying, “Good morning! I’ve just got out,” and offered to replace the phones of those involved in the altercation. Her post generated a mix of support and criticism from fans.

Who is Sexyy Red?

Born Janae Nierah Wherry, Sexyy Red has quickly risen to fame with her distinctive style and hit tracks like "Pound Town" and "SkeeYee." Her music, characterized by its raw energy and catchy hooks, has resonated with a broad audience. Despite the recent controversy, Sexyy Red continues to maintain a strong presence in the hip-hop scene.

Social Media and Streaming Platforms

Stay updated with Sexyy Red's latest news and music by following her on social media and streaming platforms:

Future Outlook

Despite the recent arrest, Sexyy Red is determined to continue her successful career. She has hinted at new projects and collaborations, including a possible partnership with Chief Keef. Fans are eagerly awaiting her upcoming releases and performances, hoping for more of her dynamic music and fewer contentious incidents.


The arrest of Sexyy Red at Newark Airport has generated significant attention within the hip-hop community. While the incident has added a layer of controversy to her career, it also highlights her resilience and ability to stay in the public eye. As she moves forward, Sexyy Red’s fans and critics alike will be watching closely to see how she navigates her career following this incident.


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