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Gunna Drops New Visuals for "Whatsapp (Wassam)"

Gunna's New Music Video "Whatsapp (Wassam) Making Noise in the Music Scene

Atlanta's very own Gunna is here with the official video for his latest release, "Whatsapp (Wassam)," bringing his signature style and energy right from College Park, GA. The record is really causing some great moves in the industry, catching a lot of attention from fans both old and new at the same time.

What are we getting into?

Amid the colorful panorama of College Park, the "Whatsapp (Wassam)" video, for the first time, throws you headlong into the world of Gunna's life and art. "Whatsapp (Wassam)" video will be associated with urban-chic opulence and its superstar: Gunna. Exclusively shot by a heavyweight filmmaker within the hip-hop community, high-octane scenes and razor-sharp editing get the most out of themes of connectivity and style in the song.

The Track: A Combination of Beats and Lyrics

This song clearly stands out from others on the album, because it boosts the catchiest hook and smoothest flow, something Gunna has been good at since the get-go of his career. Merging melodic beats with slick lyrics, the song mirrors Gunna's experiences and growth as an artist. The song highlights digital-aged success and personal connections that have been thrown to a present-day man.

Reception and Impact

'Whatsapp (Wassam)' has been received well ever since it dropped, for how deep it gets in the lyrics and the visuals. Fans praised the track for being real and sticking with the authenticity of the rapper's roots, even if that meant going further from the norm of traditional hip-hop aesthetics.

Gunna's Artistic Odyssey

Coming out of College Park, GA, Gunna has always been a constant in the circles of hip-hop. More likely, his work would reflect the themes of ambition, style, and innovation, detailing a unique style and an unmatched ability to bring together different musical influences. "Whatsapp (Wassam)" proves how versatile he is in his work, yet still holds the commitment that he will grow sonically and visually.

Conclusion: Gunna's Continued Rise

With "Whatsapp (Wassam)," Gunna continues working himself up toward the major league. Another one for the books. The track adds to his amazing records, and it definitely sets the stage for other projects. As long as Gunna keeps being innovative and inspiring, the music world is just out there waiting eagerly to see what is next in his release list.


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