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Glockboy Bobo, DCG Shun, and DCG Bsavv Unleash "The Streets Done" in Explosive Music Video

Glockboy Bobo, DCG Shun, and DCG Bsavv have joined forces to create the latest sensation in urban music with "The Streets Done." This collaboration brings forth an electrifying official music video that captures the raw essence and powerful message of their joint track.

The Video's Impact

Visuals and Editing

The music video, brilliantly shot by @amf.visuals and @LouVisualz, and meticulously edited by @DoneByMata, showcases a raw and gritty narrative. Enhanced with VFX by ThreezyVFX, the video takes the viewer on a visually stunning journey, raising the bar for music video production.

The trio, Glockboy Bobo, DCG Shun, and DCG Bsavv,

"The Streets Done" Message and Lyrics

The trio, Glockboy Bobo, DCG Shun, and DCG Bsavv, artfully portrays the harsh realities of urban life, bringing the struggles and triumphs of the concrete jungle from the streets to your screen. Their dynamic flow and uncompromising lyrics serve as a beacon of authenticity and emotional rawness, making "The Streets Done" not just a song, but an anthem for resilience and strength in the face of adversity.

Why It Matters

"The Streets Done" is poised to become a classic within hip-hop and urban culture, thanks to its irresistible beat, captivating visuals, and the raw power of its artistry. This is a must-watch collaboration that epitomizes the spirit of overcoming and thriving despite the odds.


Glockboy Bobo, DCG Shun, and DCG Bsavv invite you to experience "The Streets Done" — a testament to their artistry and a powerful message to their audience. This music video is not only a celebration of their talent but also an inspiration for anyone who has faced and overcome challenges.


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