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DDG's "Straight Outta Pontiac" Music Video Makes Waves

New-Release, Introducing DDG!! The "Straight Outta Pontiac" music video just came out under an hour ago from Pontiac, Michigan, and it already has 38,858 views on it.

The video was filmed by renowned videographer JerryPHD and it gives a vivid presentation of DDG's roots and artistic vision.

Visuals and Direction for "Straight Outta Pontiac"

"Straight Outta Pontiac," the video is cinematically styled to explore DDG's hometown from the streets of Pontiac to planting local culture in every frame. Masterly directed by ever-keen visual sensei JerryPHD, this video takes inspiration from the DDG project in his hometown, catching everything that gives Pontiac its very soul. The compelling visuals match the poignant lyrical narrations by DDG for a powerful homage to his native origin.

Viewer Engagement and Interaction

It represents the speed of views burst within the first hour after the DDG is put out. This reflects the excitement from the anticipation of a DDG release.

For artist fans and newcomers alike, all are drawn through reality in Pontiac that resonates visually and in the lyrics, taking the viewer on a directly speaking journey of growing up in the city with DDG.

Make "Straight Outta Pontiac" relevant

"Straight Outta Pontiac" is more than the music video at its core; it's an affirmation of self and a source of pride. DDG uses this song to take fans from the pavements of Pontiac to national glories of stardom, mentioning their struggles and triumphs every step of the way.

Both the song and the video highlight his pride in who he is and his determination to be successful in life no matter what.


With "Straight Outta Pontiac," DDG not only tips his hat to his city but also cements himself in the music industry as an artist true to his roots. As the video continues to blow up, it would stand as a testament to DDG's brilliance and his ability to connect with people through genuine storytelling and compelling visuals.


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