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CashGerm Drops Dynamic New Album "Last Slime Left"

CashGerm Unveils His New Musical Venture

Album Cover for "Last Slime Yet' by CashGerm

Hailing from two of the hottest music cities in the world—Des Moines, Iowa, and Atlanta, Georgia—comes the release of this long-anticipated album from CashGerm: "Last Slime Left." He powers forward in an inimitable blend of musical styles, truly driven by his influences in the music world.

"Last Slime Left": A Culmination of Unique Styles and Influences

"Last Slime Left" is an exhibition of CashGerm's ability to come out of boxes and a tracklist that gives the listener a fusion of all the eclectic influences he's had: from Nas to Jimi Hendrix, and Lil Wayne. The record is a snapshot of his interstate journey, bouncing from Iowa to California to Georgia, and the different sets of cultural influences it brought into his life and, therefore, his music.

Album Highlights and Musical Direction

Album standouts include the tracks "Superman" and "Feeling Myself," cuts that have been garnering early attention based on the strength of the songwriting and energetic production. It's been called "omnipotent," showing his oneness in being able to master both boom bap and modern trap, among others, with CashGerm's "Last Slime Left" approach.

Hip Hop / Rap artist CashGerm

Collaborations That Raise the Album

Making the album shine even more, CashGerm has worked with some other top industry producers and artists, such as Danny Wolf, Internet Money, and Noah Mejia. Such features and collaborations add an extra level of richness to the album, making the uniqueness of CashGerm pop even more.

Engage with CashGerm Across All Platforms

For eager fans looking to delve more into "Last Slime Left," CashGerm is available on all streaming platforms. Followers can also stay updated with him on his Instagram account, @cashgerm, where he gives insight into what he is up to and his personal stories.

Achievements and Future Endeavors

Sure, he's been selling out his shows and building a growing fan base, but CashGerm isn't just coming out with an album; he's hoping to take back his spot as a huge emerging force in the music game. He wants to own a label in his name, personally, and also a studio space to ensure his commitment to controlling his musical journey while supporting other artists.


"Last Slime Left" is not just an album; it is one of those statements by CashGerm that shows his growth as an artist and how serious he is with the craft. The rest of the industry looks on, waiting in anticipation, as CashGerm expands his sphere of influence while continually sharpening his sound.


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