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Breaking News: Shocking Collapse of Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore

MARCH 26, 2024 6:39 AM ET

In a startling event early Tuesday morning, the Baltimore community was shaken by the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. This major incident occurred when a container ship, the DALI flying under a Singaporean flag, struck the bridge, leading to a catastrophic collapse. This bridge is not just any bridge; it's a vital link for Interstate 695 across the Patapsco River, integral for daily commutes and the transportation network.

Emergency teams are currently engaged in a frantic rescue effort, aiming to find and help survivors from this distressing accident. The moment the ship collided with the bridge's support pillar, causing it to give way, was caught on camera. The resulting footage is both shocking and heart-wrenching, showing vehicles as they fell into the waters below amidst rising smoke.

The fallout from this tragedy is immense. Authorities have confirmed fears that several individuals might have ended up in the water, triggering an all-hands-on-deck response from the emergency services. This event has led to the closure of Interstate 695, disrupting daily commutes and urging residents to find alternative travel routes for the foreseeable future.

This bridge collapse is not just a structural failure; it's a blow to the heart of Baltimore. The Francis Scott Key Bridge has long stood as a symbol of connection and resilience, facilitating the flow of people and goods for many years. As we await further details and the eventual reconstruction, our thoughts go out to everyone impacted.

Baltimore is more than its infrastructure; it's a community of strong, united people. In the face of this adversity, the spirit of the city and its residents will undoubtedly shine through, reminding us all of the power of coming together during challenging times.


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