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BigWalkDog Unleashes Energetic Vibes in New Music Video "Hold Of Me"

Recently joining 1017 Records, one of the hottest in the culture, BigWalkDog releases a new music video to his track "Hold Of Me." He continues an electrifying run, one song and video at a time, from his recent project, with another hit full of his infectious beats and vibrant visuals sure to trap rap fans.

Riding the Wave of Success

Released on April 5, 2024, "Hold Of Me" already sums 108,346 views in just over two days since it was unveiled, really a great head start for a track. Amid the #TheNew1017 movement and Atlantic Records, BigWalkDog rides high with the latest output.

BigWalkDog Unleashes Energetic Vibes in New Music Video "Hold Of Me"

Dive into "Hold Of Me"

"Hold of Me" offers a bright and vivid depiction of their infectious sound and charisma. The dynamic visual directs of "Hold of Me" bring to life all that toe-tapping, invitingly melodic hooks, along with its compelling lyrics, to make for a highly immersive experience for viewers.

Connect with BigWalkDog

Fans can delve more into BigWalkDog on his socials and streaming platforms. From Instagram to Twitter, BigWalkDog is sure to keep his fan base posted and active on the daily hustle, giving them exclusive shots and snippets of whatever he is cooking up.

Join the Movement

And in the last wave of rap talent to lead the #TheNew1017 movement, BigWalkDog firmly puts down his place. On "Hold Of Me," he encourages the fans to come along for the wild ride that he is having the time of his life on and, even more so, feel the electricity in his music for themselves.


"Hold Of Me" does nothing but further solidify the place BigWalkDog has in not only rap music but in the midst of this generation of talent with more than enough catchy songs to fill his fanbase's bellies. His talent in the rap game can set him at a higher place than he is currently.


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