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BEO Lil Kenny Unveils New Music Video "On Camera"

Memphis, Tennessee's own, BEO Lil Kenny, is stirring up the hip-hop scene with his latest release, "On Camera." Merging contemporary hip-hop with touches of R&B, soul, and jazz, BEO Lil Kenny captivates fans globally with his heartfelt lyrics and enchanting melodies.

Memphis, Tennessee's own, BEO Lil Kenny

About BEO Lil Kenny

Emerging from the vibrant streets of Memphis, BEO Lil Kenny stands out as a dynamic force in the music world. His music is a melting pot of genres, reflecting his diverse influences and showcasing his artistic flexibility. Each track he releases is deeply personal, connecting with listeners on a meaningful level.

The "On Camera" Music Video

In the visually stunning "On Camera," BEO Lil Kenny opens up his world to us, marrying soulful storytelling with compelling visuals. Directed by a notable filmmaker, the music video is a deep dive into the artist's life and creative process, making for a captivating watch.

Connecting Through Music

BEO Lil Kenny's true gift lies in his ability to forge a genuine connection with his audience through music. Each new release sees him breaking new ground and redefining the hip-hop genre, earning him recognition for his authentic voice and innovative approach. As he continues to carve his path in the industry, BEO Lil Kenny remains an artist to keep an eye on.


As BEO Lil Kenny forges ahead in the hip-hop scene, "On Camera" stands as a powerful testament to his artistry and vision. With its deeply felt melodies and introspective lyrics, the track marks an exciting phase in BEO Lil Kenny's career. Keep watching this rising star as he continues to make waves in the music industry.


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