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A Journey from Columbus to Hip-Hop Fame

The Evolution of Louie XO and His Impact on the Rap Scene

From Columbus, Ohio to the Spotlight

Rapper Louie XO

Louie XO, born Maloun Jaquay Moore, hails from Columbus, Ohio. Raised in the same city, Louie XO’s journey into the world of hip-hop began in his high school years. Originally aspiring to become an engineer, he discovered his passion for rapping in 2018. Since then, Louie XO has dedicated himself to his music career, releasing an impressive 32 projects in under six years.

Louie XO the Rapper

Influences and Musical Style

Influenced by artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Pierre Bourne, and Young Thug, Louie XO's music embodies a unique blend of rap elements. His style is characterized by its dynamic harmony and emotional depth, often layering his regular voice with high-pitched vocals. This innovative approach has set him apart in the industry.

Notable Works

Louie XO has produced several notable tracks and projects, including “Super Louieo,” "Car Convos," "P30JECT," "Thot Boy," and "Lou Lee." His latest release, the EP "Super Louieo," continues to showcase his evolution as an artist and his ability to connect with listeners on a deep level.

Achievements and Collaborations

Louie XO's hard work has paid off in various ways. He has collaborated with notable industry figures, including Lil B (BasedGod). His achievements extend beyond music; as an independent label owner, he has demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to nurturing talent. One of his standout accomplishments is being featured by Kollege Kidd, a platform known for boosting the careers of major artists like Chief Keef and Migos.

Social Media Presence

Louie XO maintains an active presence on social media, engaging with his growing fanbase and sharing updates on his music and life. You can follow him on:

Behind the Scenes

Louie XO's personal background is as compelling as his music. Growing up as the oldest of three boys, he witnessed his mother gradually improve their living conditions, an experience that fueled his ambition and drive. His exposure to the nightlife and club scene, thanks to his father's job as a bouncer, provided early insights into the music and entertainment industry. These experiences, combined with his interactions with artists like Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, and Famous Dex, have significantly shaped his musical journey.

Future Projects and Goals

Looking ahead, Louie XO is preparing for the release of "Super Louieo 2," continuing his commitment to producing impactful music. His future goals include becoming one of the greatest of all time (GOAT) in the rap industry. Louie XO's relentless pursuit of excellence and his vision for the future make him a standout figure in contemporary hip-hop.

Personal Quotes and Philosophy

Louie XO's philosophy is encapsulated in his personal quotes: “YEA++,” “they fear different,” and “niggas be yo bros till the rap end.” These sayings reflect his perspective on life and the music industry, emphasizing authenticity, resilience, and loyalty.


Louie XO’s journey from Columbus, Ohio, to becoming a recognized name in hip-hop is a testament to his talent, hard work, and innovative approach to music. As he continues to grow and evolve as an artist, Louie XO remains dedicated to his craft and his vision for the future. With his latest works and upcoming projects, fans can expect more groundbreaking music from this talented rapper.


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