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42 Dugg Unleashes High-Octane Visuals for "Wock N Red" with Over 450,000 Views in Under 48 Hours

It's Detroit's very own 42 Dugg, and he's back dropping off a high energy set of visuals for his latest single release, "Wock N Red." The video has truly set the internet ablaze, currently at over 450,000 streams in less than 48 hours of its release.

Rapper 42 Dugg

A Visual Extravaganza

On "Wock N Red," 42 Dugg comes through with another action-packed visual, matching his raw energy with an equal amount of storytelling muscle. Shot on the lively streets in the background of Detroit, 42 Dugg gives an insight into his flashy life, hot wheels, bling, and lots of attitude.

Showcasing Unmatched Talent

In "Wock N Red," 42 Dugg unloads from the beginning to the end with the duality of his patented style and charisma. It's that very duality of talent and style that he brings to the stage with his music, in a way that it allows for broad-based, universal appeal.

Shattering Records and Setting Trends

Ever since its release, the "Wock N Red" record has gone viral on social media, with fans and critics praising everything from its sick beat to the arresting visuals that accompany it.

The very quick surge of the video over 450,000 views in less than 48 hours tells what a big artist 42 Dugg is and how his influence can be felt in the hip-hop fraternity. Don't Miss the Action For every fan of 42 Dugg and for all the fans of hip-hop all over the world, "Wock N Red" is a must-not-miss event. Be counted along with the millions who will watch by heart and join in the excitement of feeling 42 Dugg's latest offering. Watch "Wock N Red" now!!


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