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Jan 16, 2024

Let's break down what Yasiin Bey had to say about Drake's music.

Yasiin Bey Thinks Drake's Music is More Like Pop Than Hip-Hop!

Yasiin Bey, the legendary rapper, recently gave his thoughts on Drake's music, and he didn't hold back. During an interview on "The Cutting Room Floor" with Omondi, Bey, who's part of the famous Black Star duo, shared his opinion.

He straight-up said, "Drake's music is pop to me." But what does that mean? Well, Bey thinks that if you heard a Drake song while shopping at a place like Target in Houston, it would fit right in. It's like the kind of music you'd hear while picking out stuff to buy.

Bey even called Drake's music "likable" and had a good laugh about it. He playfully talked about how Drake's songs seem to go well with shopping, with lots of products and options in the store.

But Bey didn't stop there. He also talked about the future of hip-hop and the music industry. He wondered if we're in the early stages of something big changing in the music world. He asked, "What happens when this thing collapses?" He wanted to know if music should have more meaning than just making money.

Now, Drake didn't stay silent after hearing this. He shared a video clip on his Instagram with a question for Yasiin Bey. But who's Method Man, the guy in the video? Well, he's a member of Wu-Tang Clan and an actor, and he explained what hip-hop means to him.

According to Method Man, hip-hop is more than just music. It's a whole culture! It's about how you dress, talk, walk, dance, and even DJ. It's about the creativity in rhymes, the energy in performances, and the art of mixing and scratching music. That's what hip-hop is all about!

Rapper Drake

So, in a nutshell, Yasiin Bey thinks Drake's music is catchy and fits well in everyday life, like shopping at Target. But there's a bigger question about the future of hip-hop and what it means to different people, just like Method Man explained.

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