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Tony Yayo Says Young Buck Was “Caught Slippin'” When He Got Chain Snatched In Chicago


Nov 18, 2022

Tony Yayo says Young Buck was “caught slipping” when he was robbed of his G-Unit spinner chain in Chicago.

Young Buck might not be on great terms with 50 Cent these days, but it’s hard not to remember a time when he was repping G-Unit to the fullest. Unfortunately, his affiliation with the East Coast-based group eventually led to a chain-snatching in Chicago. Tony Yayo explained that the perpetrators caught Buck slipping.

During a recent interview on Vlad TV, Yayo provided details surrounding an alleged chain snatching in 2004. According to rumors, a G-Unit affiliate, D-Tay, ran up on Buck and robbed the chain. Someone returned the chain eventually but Yayo confirmed that there the incident happened in Chicago.

“Yeah, that was crazy. It was the G-Unit spinner,” Tony Yayo said. “Muthafucka was in Chicago and my man, I don’t wanna say no names but, one of the dude’s homies took the Chain and he’s in Chicago. He got caught slippin’. You in Chicago with that big-ass chain on? I mean things happen. Merry Christmas.”

Tony Yayo didn’t disclose how they managed to obtain the spinner but he confirmed they returned it eventually. “Yeah, that’s a long story the way the chain came back,” he said. “The chain came back, definitely.”

The G-Unit era was certainly a volatile one. Over the years, more stories emerged surrounding how real things were for 50 Cent and his cohorts. Yayo admitted that he was aware of bounties on his head during his incarceration.

“I don’t want to say the amount, but like I said n***as always say we glorify the shit,” he said. “I believe I had money on my head in jail.”

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