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Jan 19, 2024

Legal Battle Heats Up in the World of Hip-Hop Hits!

Ice Spice dancing for her music video

Hey there, hip-hop fans! We've got some news about a big-time rapper named Ice Spice. 🎤 She's in hot water over her super popular song "In Ha Mood," and it's causing quite the buzz!

Here's the scoop: Ice Spice is being taken to court by another rapper named D.Chamberz. Why? Well, D.Chamberz claims that he wrote, recorded, and released a song called "In That Mood" a whole year before Ice Spice's famous track.

But how did Ice Spice even hear about "In That Mood"? D.Chamberz says he performed it many times in New York City, right where Ice and her producer, Riot, live. 🗽

Rapper Ice Spice performing Live

D.Chamberz also says his song was played on Hot 97 FM in NYC, and he believes that Riot might have heard it on the radio. And guess what? He's got social media proof to back up his claim!

Rapper D.Chamberz

Now, here's the kicker: Ice Spice's song is a huge hit, with a certified gold status and over 45 million views on YouTube. 💰 D.Chamberz isn't taking this lightly. He's asking for at least half of the money the song makes and other earnings, plus some extra damages.

Ice Spice at awards show

It's like a hip-hop courtroom showdown, and we'll be keeping an eye on how this drama unfolds! 🍿👀

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