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Jan 29, 2024

Nicki vs. Megan: The Feud Explodes! Unpack the Savage 'Big Foot' Diss Track and What's Next

Nicki Minaj just dropped a fire diss track called “Big Foot” and it's all about her beef with Megan Thee Stallion. After Megan dissed Nicki in her song “Hiss,” Nicki came back hard with “Big Foot,” and she says she's got four more tracks ready to go!

Dropped on Monday, “Big Foot” has Nicki throwing some wild disses at Megan. She's calling her out big time, saying stuff like Megan can't even fake cry on TV and calling her “Big Foot” because of her height and the Tory Lanez incident.

Nicki even went in about Megan getting liposuction and dissed her for her relationships.

And yeah, Nicki didn’t stop there. She ended the track talking about Megan's late mom, which is super intense.

Before all this, Megan kinda threw shade at Nicki in “Hiss,” where she hinted at stuff about Nicki’s husband. That set Nicki off, and she went off on Instagram, calling out Megan for not writing her own songs and even throwing shade at Megan’s manager, Desiree from Roc Nation.

Nicki's going all out, saying Megan's manager is trying too hard to make Megan a star, but she's not cutting it. It's wild, and everyone's waiting to see what Nicki’s gonna drop next in this beef.

Keep your eyes open, 'cause Nicki's got more coming and it's gonna be lit!

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