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Jan 19, 2024

1501 Executive Spills the Tea on the Drama

Nicki Minaj

Hey, fellow hip-hop enthusiasts! It's time to dive into some spicy drama involving two talented rappers, Nicki Minaj and Erica Banks. 🎤💥

You won't believe what's been going down in the rap world lately!

Erica Banks

Here's the tea: Erica Banks wanted to team up with Nicki for a song called 'Ain't Got Time,' but things took a dramatic turn. Apparently, Nicki wasn't too thrilled about it. 😬

According to a music executive, Nicki said, "Nope, not happening!" Why? Well, it all started with some shade Erica threw at Nicki about her choice of female collaborators. Drama alert! 🚨

But wait, there's more! Erica didn't hold back when she heard about the executive's comments. She clapped back in a big way! 💥

The feud began back in 2022 when Erica expressed her frustration at not getting a feature from Nicki and shaded some unnamed female rappers. Things got heated! 🔥

And guess what? Nicki even blocked Erica on social media! 😱

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