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Jan 10, 2024

NBA YoungBoy, a famous rapper, did something unexpected during an interview with Bootleg Kev. He started smoking a cigarette right in the middle of their chat!

This happened at his house in Utah, and it led him to share that he’s been smoking since he was super young – like 7 years old.

While talking to Kev, YoungBoy lit up another cigarette and was like, “Aye, you can tell there’s smoke in this part of the house, right?” He then shared, “I been smoking cigarettes since I was 7 years old."

He talked about his god-dad, saying, “My god-dad, I think this [guy] ran away from the army. You know how you get a home pass? And that [guy] ran away to New Orleans because he didn’t wanna go back.”

YoungBoy remembered how he started smoking: watching his god-dad smoke and then picking up the leftovers to smoke himself.

NBA YoungBoy has been smoking cigarettes since he was 7 years old

Right now, YoungBoy can't leave his house much because he’s on house arrest for a gun case. But he's got big dreams – he wants to live on the ocean where nobody can bother him. He said, “I’m trying to move in the middle of the water. The only way you come to me is if the helicopter fly off that [place] and grab you and come back. I want to live on the water.”

He's waiting to find out what will happen with his gun case this summer. But recently, he got a small win. The rules of his house arrest got changed a bit, so now he can go out for medical visits. The official rule says, “The defendant is restricted to 24-hour a day lock-down at his residence except for medical appointments and court appearances or other activities specifically approved in advance by the defendant’s pretrial supervision officer.”

So, that's the latest on NBA YoungBoy. It's a bit wild, right? Keep up with his story – there’s definitely more to come!

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