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Jan 24, 2024

Lil Pump Issues Strong Warning Amid Controversy Surrounding Joe Budden's Allegations

Lil Pump Calls Out Joe Budden Over Allegations of Harassing Women

Lil Pump smoking a backwood

Lil Pump, the famous rapper known for his hit "Gucci Gang," went on Instagram Live to share his strong disapproval of Joe Budden. He accused the former rapper and current podcaster of harassing women and expressed his readiness to confront him.

Pump didn't mince words, condemning Budden for his alleged history of sexual assault and domestic violence. He firmly stated that he doesn't respect someone who mistreats women and called Budden out for his actions. Pump even went as far as saying that Budden should "burn in hell" for what he's done.

Rapper Joe Budden

In his fiery Instagram Live session, Lil Pump emphasized the importance of not hitting or harassing women and questioned Budden's behavior. He challenged Budden to face him and declared his readiness to confront the situation head-on.

Pump didn't stop there; he also made fun of Budden's 2003 hit song "Pump It Up" and even threatened to physically confront him, suggesting that he's serious about his words.

On his Instagram Stories, Lil Pump continued to criticize Joe Budden, referring to him as a "worthless" and a "drug addict." He brought attention to allegations of sexual harassment against Budden and shared his disapproval of hitting women.

While it's unclear what triggered Lil Pump's outburst, it's not the first time he has been involved in a feud with Budden, as he previously supported Migos' diss track against Budden titled "Ice Tray" in 2017.

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