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JAY-Z drops wisdom on Ludacris!

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May 26, 2023

JAY-Z drops wisdom on Ludacris! Find out why his larger-than-life visuals might have overshadowed his lyrical credit as an MC. Ludacris spills the tea on the All the Smoke podcast

Ludacris, the Atlanta rap legend known for his iconic music videos, recently shared an eye-opening revelation from a conversation with none other than JAY-Z himself. In an interview on the All the Smoke podcast hosted by Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, Ludacris reflected on his larger-than-life visuals and how they may have overshadowed his lyrical prowess.

According to Ludacris, JAY-Z candidly expressed that the extravagant visuals in his music videos might be the reason why he doesn't receive the lyrical recognition he truly deserves. "It was big, but there was a downside to it because even JAY-Z was one of the ones that said, you know, he don't think I get the lyrical credit that I deserve because of the visuals," Ludacris revealed.

But don't get it twisted—Ludacris doesn't regret his flamboyant style. In fact, he embraces it wholeheartedly. "People ask me, 'Why don't you think you get the credit?' Because I played too goddamn much, that's what I do! And I wouldn't have it any other way," Luda exclaimed. He proudly embodies the name Ludacris, as it represents his wild, crazy, and ridiculous nature that fans have come to love.

Ludacris further explained his affinity for post-effects, augmented reality, rocking big-ass shoes with big-ass chains, and featuring bobbleheads in his videos. While he understands how this might have affected his lyrical recognition, he holds no grudges. Instead, he chooses to showcase the multi-faceted aspects of himself, embracing his unique style with enthusiasm.

Speaking of videos, Ludacris revealed that his most expensive production didn't quite reach the seven-figure mark, unlike some of his contemporaries like Diddy, Ma$e, and the Wu-Tang Clan. Although he didn't make it to the million-dollar category, he still dropped an eye-watering amount—somewhere around half a million to $600,000. Not too shabby!

While Ludacris might not have received the full credit he deserved on the mic, his visual creativity earned him accolades. At the height of his career, he received four MTV Video Music Awards nominations for Best Rap Video, winning once in 2005 for "Number One Spot." He also secured Video of the Year twice at the BET Awards, thanks to memorable collaborations with Missy Elliott and Usher.

Ludacris was undeniably one of the best-selling rappers of the 2000s, ruling the Billboard 200 with three consecutive chart-topping albums—2003's Chicken-n-Beer, 2004's The Red Light District, and 2006's Release Therapy. Additionally, his 2001 album Word of Mouf went 4x-platinum, solidifying his impact on the rap game.

Throughout his impressive run, Ludacris connected with JAY-Z on multiple occasions, leaving a mark with standout features like Missy Elliott's "One Minute Man (Remix)" and "I Do It For Hip Hop" alongside Nas. In the latter track, Luda reminded fans of his lyrical prowess, spitting confident bars that showcased his undeniable talent.

"So Hip Hop you owe me a promotion, yeah I do a little boasting and bragging. What's all the commotion and nagging about? 'Cause I'm still the champ in the South. 'Cause rappers get in the booth, and I keep dragging them out," he asserted.

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