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Jan 14, 2024

DDG, who's usually all over social media, just did something pretty wild – he tasted baby formula on camera!

Rapper DDG

DDG, famous for his social media antics, has done something kinda funny – he tasted baby formula on video!

DDG, who's with Halle Bailey, recently had a baby named Halo. He posted a video on social media where he's tasting Halo's baby formula. DDG was like, "If you're gonna feed your kids something, you should be able to eat it too. I drank formula when I was a baby, so this should be fine." After he tried it, he said it wasn't too bad, just really watery.

Just a few days before, DDG was all over the news for how he talked about Halle Bailey after their baby was born. He said in a vlog that Halle is an awesome mom and he's really happy to be a parent with her.

Rapper DDG & Girlfriend Halle Bailey

DDG also shared that he watched the birth of their son and it totally changed how he sees things. He said, "I was scared to watch, but then I did, and it was the most insane thing I've ever seen. I have so much more respect for women now. Guys have it way easier."

About showing their baby to the world, DDG said he and Halle want to keep it private, like how JAY-Z and Beyoncé do with their kids. He said, "We're not showing his face for now. He's too precious. But he's really beautiful, like the best parts of both of us."

So, that's what's up with DDG and his new family life. It sounds like he's loving being a dad and learning all about it.

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