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Feb 2, 2024

Turning Tattoo Controversy into Cash Flow

Chrisean Rock's Controversial Tattoo and the Power of Haters

Chrisean Rock, the rapper and reality star, recently made headlines for her bold move - getting a huge tattoo of her incarcerated child's father, Blueface, on her face. While some of her followers were not thrilled with the decision, Chrisean lost over 200,000 followers after revealing her new ink.

Chrisean Rock gets tattoo of Blueface

But here's the twist – she's not bothered by the haters. In fact, she's using the controversy to her advantage. Chrisean took to Twitter to set the record straight, saying, "The more y'all hate, the more popular I become. I don't give a [expletive] about losing followers. I get paid off my engagement and algorithm. If I'm getting 60 plus million views on my post, 400k plus comments, my promo prices just go up, or anything I sell stays sold out. So continue the hate train; it makes me hella money."

Chrisean's journey with Blueface tattoos started in 2021 when she got his name inked in text. But she didn't stop there. The following year, she upped the ante by getting a detailed portrait of Blueface's entire face on her neck. Just a few months later, she added another similar piece to the side of her neck.

Between these tattoo sessions, Chrisean even considered removing some of her Blueface tattoos using laser surgery. However, she ultimately changed her mind and decided to have one of them covered up in December.

Despite their turbulent relationship and numerous breakups, Chrisean Rock made headlines when she announced that she was moving into Blueface's home, even though he's currently behind bars. She shared the news on social media, posting, "moving back with my baby Daddddy" on her Instagram story and sharing a photo of a moving truck, indicating her relocation.

cristean malone pregnant

While Chrisean seems determined to make it work, Blueface's mom, Karlissa Saffold, expressed her skepticism, commenting on a repost of Chrisean's announcement, "She better not be mad when he comes home and asks her to leave. Because she already knows he doesn't mess with her in real life."

Chrisean Rock later opened up about her relationship with Blueface on Instagram Live, emphasizing the unique bond they share that outsiders might not understand. "The week before he was locked up, we had so much fun together. That [expletive] was so fun; it's like best friend type vibes. Nobody else can understand but us," she explained.

Rapper Blueface

Despite the ups and downs, Chrisean's journey continues to capture the attention of fans and haters alike. Whether you love her or not, one thing's for sure – she knows how to handle the haters and turn controversy into success.

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