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Nov 22, 2023

6ix9ine hit with a massive bill over a wild strip club incident. Find out the jaw-dropping details behind the $10M saga.

Rapper 6ix9ine

6ix9ine, the rapper, got into some trouble a while back. He was supposed to go to court because he allegedly hit a person named Alexis Salaberrios with a bottle in a club. This happened in Miami, Florida, back in 2021.

Now, when the court said he had to pay money for what he did, 6ix9ine didn't show up to the trial. Because of that, the court decided he has to pay a big amount—$9.8 million—to the person he allegedly hurt, Alexis.

But here's the tricky part. Alexis says she hasn't gotten the money from 6ix9ine. She thinks he's hiding how much money he has so that he doesn't have to pay her. So, she's suggesting taking some of the money he makes to give her what the court said he owes her.

Rappers 6ix9ine arrested

Also, not too long ago, 6ix9ine got out of jail by paying a lot of money. But, even though he's out, he has some rules to follow. There's something called a restraining order, which means he has to stay away from the people who say he hurt them. And he has to take classes to learn how to manage his anger.

After leaving jail, he went on Instagram and said thanks to his fans, especially in the Dominican Republic. He's hopeful about being free, thanking God and everyone who supports him.

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