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Jan 30, 2024

21 Savage's Hilarious Encounter!

Rapper 21 Savage

21 Savage had a seriously scary moment during a live stream with Kai Cenat! They were playing a game called "What's in the Box?" when things took a wild turn.

YouTube Star Kai Cenat

The London-born rapper was on Cenat's live stream on Monday (January 29), and they were having fun playing the game. But then, out of nowhere, a guy brought out two snakes, and it totally caught 21 Savage off guard! 😱

Savage was clearly terrified of snakes. As soon as he saw them, he freaked out and quickly lifted up the cardboard box they were using in the game to protect himself. He yelled, "Hell nah! No! No! Keep that shit over there, on God. That shit dripping!"

Kai Cenat tried to lighten the mood by singing "Hakuna Matata" and getting closer to 21 Savage, but the rapper was having none of it. He firmly stated, "I'm not touching no snake. On my mama, I'm not touching no snake, bro."

In an earlier round of the game, they had encountered a ferret, which was scary enough, but the snakes took the fear to a whole new level! 😬🐍

This isn't the first time Kai Cenat has tried this trick. He did something similar with Offset last year, but the results were very different. While Offset was scared of snakes, he mustered up the courage to touch one.

Kai Cenat might be making moves beyond streaming soon. He recently asked 50 Cent for a role in one of his Power spin-offs during a live stream with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. We'll have to see if that pans out!

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