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DJ Macarena

From Mexico City to the World's Dance Floors

DJ Macarena

Get ready to dance with the funky beats of DJ Macarena, all the way from Mexico City! Repping her lively beats and raised melodies, this DJ never fails to light the room up. Her music has the magic and perfect ingredient to light the dance floor up with love and just enough disco music. Her passion for people shines through the music.

Mexico City DJ Macarena


Born and brought up in Mexico City, DJ Macarena was always keen on starting her musical journey very early. Brought up in between Mexico City and Miami, Florida, Macarena grew up with a big inspiration for music that consisted of greats like disco, funk, and house.

Referring to style icons like Stevie Nicks or Cher, Macarena had put simply her own stylistic touch to the already known formulas of disco, nu-disco, and house.

Musical Style/Genre

Wondrously shimmering with groovy, funky basslines, plucky nu-disco, and soulful vocal melodies, DJ Macarena has honed a style that oscillates between disco, nu-disco, and house. And if there's one who can best know how to conjugate those classic disco vibes with the new-era flair of today, then she's the one.

Notable Songs/Projects

Among the outstanding songs to the credit of Macarena, there were "Moonlight Boogie" and "Disco Fiesta," where she, as always, turned up with her talent to make dance-floor anthems irresistible. No doubt, one of the latest works from her, the "Disco Fiesta," is the kind of tribute to disco music that really grabs the hearts of music lovers around the globe.

Collaborations and Achievements

Over the years, DJ Macarena had an opportunity to share a stage with few of those international figures, among which she names Aeroplane, Bob Moses, Diplo, Hercules & Love Affair, and many others. Recently, she only worked with the Mexican duo Groovy Kds in one of her latest tracks, complementing and sealing her status within the disco scene in Mexico as one of the heavyweights.

Upcoming Projects/Events

Look out for the performance from DJ Macarena in this latest edition of Tecate Pal Norte on 30th March. Full of energetic power and beats full of melody, she still has got a lot to make everyone fall in love with her performance.

Connect with DJ Macarena

Stay up to date with DJ Macarena's latest tracks, mixes, and upcoming events by following her on social media:


And so, with an infectious beat and great love for music, DJ Macarena set out on a mission to love disco higher, to reach out with the happiness and joy of their music to the world. From rocking the dance floor in a local club behind the decks to headlining at a festival, be it the summer's highlight, with DJ Macarena, one thing is sure: this party's just begun.

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