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VI Capone

📍 Baltimore, Maryland

Rapper Vi Capone

Vi Capone's Remarkable Journey

The great story of strength and victory, with Vi Capone in the lead, emanates in the very middle of the noisy streets of Baltimore. Vi Capone began the journey on the vibrant streets of Rio de Janeiro, only for it to take a detour six years later with transplantation to Baltimore, Maryland.

Vi Capone's Unforgettable Encounter

Rapper Vi Capone shot 10 times while in car in Baltimore

Taking a dramatic twist in his story, there's a chilling incident that defies belief. Vi Capone, shot ten times, having faced over two hundred and twenty-three bullets' bombardments while sitting in his car, walked out from that trauma with an unshattered spirit and determination none can compare with.

Vi Capone's Musical Artistry

But still, among all those difficulties he was going through, the affection for music was never spoiled by him; rather, it was increased. With tracks like "Do a Thing" and "Get Rich," Vi Capone is amongst those artists who have made his established place in the history of hip-hop.

"Body 4 Body" Music Video

Not to be forgotten is the video "Body 4 Body" by Vi Capone, an amazing statement of how much strength the spirit of a person can hold. In his music, Vi Capone invites the audience on a journey that he roamed with resilience, hope, and winning over the despair.

The Future of Vi Capone

Where Resilience Meets Ambition Always remaining the eyes looking forward, Vi Capone goes on to break the barriers and always beat the odds. Much as well, Vi Capone inspires one and all as he lives out his dreams amid the labyrinth of the music business.

Connect with Vi Capone

Follow Vi Capone on Instagram @vi_capone for the latest updates and releases.

Listen to Vi Capone's Music

Find out all that raw talent and compelling storytelling that is Vi Capone on Apple Music, YouTube, and more.


Vi Capone carries the power of resilience, determination, and unwavering passion in this world full of challenges and stumbling blocks. He has continued to be a source of inspiration and uplift even through his music, with a clear indication that no mountain can be said to have been too giant for one to overcome. Join Vi Capone on his journey as he continues to make his mark on the world of hip-hop.

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