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📍 Houston, Texas

If you're a fan of rap and hip-hop, you won't want to miss out on TRAPPHAARI, the rising star hailing from the vibrant city of Houston. With a unique style and an impressive list of notable songs and projects, TRAPPHAARI is making waves in the music industry.

Houston's Own

TRAPPHAARI's roots run deep in the heart of Houston, Texas. This dynamic artist draws inspiration from the rich musical heritage of the city, blending it with his own distinct flavor to create captivating tracks that resonate with fans far and wide.

Houston Rapper TRAPPHAARI

Notable Tracks

TRAPPHAARI has already left his mark with a collection of standout songs and projects. Some of his noteworthy tracks include "In-Tune," "Flip Em," "Waltz," and the collaboration "Draw Down" featuring Sauce Gohan. Each track showcases his lyrical prowess and ability to craft music that stays with you long after the first listen.

Rap and Hip-Hop Fusion

His musical style seamlessly blends rap and hip-hop, resulting in a sound that's both energetic and thought-provoking. TRAPPHAARI's lyrics reflect his life experiences and offer listeners a glimpse into his world, making his music relatable to a wide audience.

Latest Releases

Stay tuned for his latest work, including the tracks "In-Tune" and "Flip Em." These releases are a testament to TRAPPHAARI's dedication to his craft and his commitment to delivering quality music to his fans.

Connect with TRAPPHAARI

To keep up with TRAPPHAARI and his musical journey, follow him on all major social media platforms. You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, and more using the handle @TRAPPHAARI.


Available Everywhere

You can enjoy TRAPPHAARI's music on all major music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Whether you prefer to stream or download, his tracks are just a click away.

What's Next?

Exciting things are on the horizon for TRAPPHAARI. Look out for his upcoming project, "Welcome 2 Da Trap," set to drop this spring. It's bound to be a game-changer in the rap and hip-hop scene.

Get in Touch

For bookings or promotional inquiries, don't hesitate to contact TRAPPHAARI at He's always eager to connect with fans, collaborators, and industry professionals.

TRAPPHAARI is an artist on the rise, and his music is a testament to his passion and dedication to the craft. Keep an eye out for his upcoming releases and be sure to follow him on social media for the latest updates on his musical journey. The future looks bright for this Houston talent.

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