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Stunt Taylor

📍 Chicago, Illinois

Rapper Stunt Taylor Modeling

Discover the dynamic world of Stunt Taylor, the Chicago rapper who skyrocketed to national recognition with his hit track "Fe Fe on the Block" in 2013. A trailblazer of Chicago's vibrant party-oriented bop trend, Stunt Taylor's music celebrates the city's dance culture with its infectious and upbeat vibe. This article delves into the journey of Stunt Taylor, a native of Chicago's west side, from his early aspirations in football to becoming a standout rapper in the music scene.

Rising from Adversity

Born and raised in the K-Town area of Chicago's west side, Stunt Taylor's path to rap stardom was marked by determination and resilience. As a young football hopeful, his dreams were sidelined by injuries during his teenage years.

Stunt Taylor at a gas station

Undeterred by setbacks, Stunt Taylor turned to music and discovered his passion for rapping at the age of 15. His dedication grew as he entered his early twenties, culminating in a degree from the Globe Institute of Technology in New York.

"Fe Fe on the Block" and Beyond

In 2013, Stunt Taylor unleashed "Fe Fe on the Block," a track that not only captured the essence of Chicago's evolving party scene but also became an anthem for dancers across the city. The song's celebratory and energetic appeal garnered attention and set the stage for Stunt Taylor's musical journey. Following this success, he released an EP of the same title in the subsequent year.

Musical Evolution

Stunt Taylor's musical evolution continued with subsequent releases that showcased his artistry and collaboration with fellow artists. Notable among these releases are "Stunt'n on Turbo" (2015), featuring appearances from Twista and Chief Keef on "Friend of Me," "Maison Margiela Music" (2016), and "Captain Hook" (2017). Throughout his career, Stunt Taylor made his mark through collaborations and his undeniable presence in the Chicago music scene.

Stunt Taylor's Impact

Beyond his music, Stunt Taylor's influence extended to his innovative dance-oriented videos. His songs introduced the "boppin'" dance sensation on the West Side of Chicago, adding a new layer to the city's vibrant cultural landscape. Stunt Taylor's impact on the music and dance community solidified his status as a prominent figure in Chicago's entertainment scene.

Stunt Taylor sitting in his kitchen

Personal and Musical Journey

Before fame, Stunt Taylor's journey began at the age of 15, evolving into a West Side wonder of Chicago's music scene. His musical aspirations were ignited by watching his cousin's rap, leading him down a path that would define his identity as an artist. Immersed in the sounds of Hip-Hop moguls like Biggie Smalls and Young Jeezy from a young age, Stunt Taylor's musical roots are firmly embedded in the genre's rich history.


Stunt Taylor's journey from adversity to musical recognition exemplifies the power of resilience and artistic exploration. Through his music, he celebrated the spirit of Chicago's dance culture and left an indelible mark on the city's entertainment scene. From his breakthrough track "Fe Fe on the Block" to his collaborations with fellow artists, Stunt Taylor's legacy is one of creativity, determination, and unapologetic self-expression.


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