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📍 Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn, New York rapper SpliffHappy

Meet Spliffhappy, the talented artist hailing from the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Raised in the vibrant neighborhood of Bushwick, this rising star is making waves in the music scene with a unique blend of influences and an unmistakable sound.

Biography and Influences

Spliffhappy's musical journey is shaped by his Mexican-Ecuadorean heritage. His mother is Mexican, and his father hails from Ecuador, infusing his music with a rich cultural tapestry. When it comes to influences, he draws inspiration from two legends in the industry, Mac Miller and J. Cole.

Notable Tracks and Projects

Among Spliffhappy's standout works are tracks like "Yotti" and "Raggy," which have garnered attention and recognition in the music world.

Musical Style and Genre

Spliffhappy's musical style knows no bounds. He effortlessly navigates between Jersey drill and EDM drill, showcasing his versatility and ability to adapt to different sounds.

Latest Releases

Keep an eye out for Spliffhappy's latest single, "Act Bad," featuring Bjack$. This track is already gaining traction and promises to be a hit. Additionally, "Casa Maya," another recent release, cleverly samples the iconic "Tokyo Drift" song.

Achievements and Recognition

Spliffhappy's journey in music has been marked by significant achievements. He performed at Rolling Loud NYC in 22 and sold out a show with over 700 attendees in a skate park. His work caught the attention of none other than Drake, who featured his songs on OVO Sound Radio in Canada. Spliffhappy's music has also graced the airwaves of Hot 97 and Power 105. He's had the privilege of opening up for Lucki and Cochise, further solidifying his presence in the industry.

Upcoming Projects and Events

Stay tuned for an exciting collaboration on the horizon. Spliffhappy has a track titled "Citi" with Cash Cobain set to drop in a few months. Fans can also anticipate the possibility of an album or EP in the works, promising more captivating music to come.

Behind-the-Scenes and Personal Background

Brooklyn, New York rapper SpliffHappy

Behind the scenes, Spliffhappy's journey is a whirlwind of creativity and hard work. He finds motivation in the unwavering support of his fans. As a Mexican American artist, he is dedicated to setting the foundation right for Mexican artists and challenging the status quo.

Trivia and Future Goals

When he's not making music, Spliffhappy enjoys indulging in his favorite foods, with a special fondness for cheesesteaks and cheeseburgers. Looking ahead, his future goals are ambitious, including the dream of being featured on the Summer Smash lineup.

Connect with Spliffhappy

Stay connected with Spliffhappy through his social media handles. Follow him on Instagram (@spliffhappy) and TikTok (@spliffhappy) to stay updated on his latest projects, music releases, and the journey of this rising star from Bushwick, Brooklyn. Don't miss out on the incredible talent and unique sound of Spliffhappy.

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