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Project Nino

📍 Lincoln, Nebraska

Rapper Project Nino

Project Nino hails from the vibrant city of Alexandria, Virginia, and grew up navigating the streets of Richmond Highway. His roots play a significant role in shaping his artistry.

Musical Influences:

Inspired by the legendary Future, Project Nino's musical journey reflects the dynamism and innovation that Future brings to the rap and hip-hop genres.

Noteworthy Tracks:

"I Told Em I’ll Be Great" is a testament to Project Nino's confidence and vision. The track showcases his determination to make a mark in the rap scene.

Latest Offering: "Dedication":

In his latest work titled "Dedication," Project Nino continues to exhibit his dedication to the craft. Check out the vibes here.

Connect on Social Media:

Stay in the loop with Project Nino's artistic journey by following him on Instagram: @creamgetthemonee.

On the Airwaves:

Experience the unique blend of rap and hip-hop on Apple Music and YouTube. Find Project Nino's tracks on these platforms.

In His Own Words:

While Project Nino's personal quotes remain undisclosed, his music serves as a powerful expression of his thoughts, experiences, and aspirations.

Looking Forward: Future Goals:

Rapper Project Nino

As an artist with a distinctive style, Project Nino undoubtedly has future goals that drive his creative pursuits. Though unspecified, his dedication suggests that there's more to come.

Get in Touch:

For inquiries, collaborations, or more information, reach out to Project Nino directly.

Project Nino is not just an artist; he's a storyteller crafting his narrative through the beats and rhymes of rap and hip-hop. Stay tuned for his upcoming projects and witness the evolution of a rising star from Alexandria, Virginia.

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