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King Luu

📍 Des Moines, Iowa

rapper King Luu

From Newark to Des Moines: The Roots of a Rapper

Nestled in the energetic streets of Newark, New Jersey, King Luu found his first beats and rhymes, later refining his craft amidst the contrasting calm of Des Moines, Iowa. It's here, in the heartland, where Luu's music truly began to pulse with the lifeblood of hip hop culture.

Influences & Sound: The Fabric of Luu's Music

Channeling the spirit and style of icons like Lucki, Veeze, and Earl Sweatshirt, King Luu stitches together a sound uniquely his own—where raw, vivid lyricism meets beats that get under your skin. His tracks are a reflection of urban life, painted with the broad strokes of hip hop and the finer details of rap.

Making Marks: Luu's Musical Milestones

Through standout singles like "One Take" and the deeply introspective EP "Loading...," King Luu connects with listeners on a personal level, weaving stories that stick. His collaborative spirit, seen in works with Drxculv and Vante, underscores a presence in the music scene that's both felt and heard.

Philosophy & Dreams: Luu's Grounded Vision

Embracing the wisdom that "anything handed to you can get taken just as easily," King Luu keeps his eyes on the horizon, dreaming of headlining stages and exploring new territories in his musical journey.

Stay Connected with King Luu

Be part of King Luu's evolving story by following him across social platforms and diving into his latest tracks and tales from the studio. For those looking to bring Luu's dynamic performance to their venue or event, reach out to his team for booking details.

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For the Next Show: Booking & Inquiries

Ready to feature King Luu? Contact his manager at 515-419-2257 or shoot an email to

Immerse yourself in King Luu's world—where each track tells a story and every beat is a heartbeat. Join his musical journey and feel the unique vibe that is King Luu.

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