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📍 Los Angeles, California

Meet Jehvic: Lincoln's Rising Rap Star

Hip Hop Artist Jehvic

Hey hip-hop fans! Have you heard about Jehvic, the fresh face in the rap game? He's a young Filipino-American rapper straight out of Lincoln, California, and he's ready to make some waves. Here's the lowdown on this up-and-coming artist:

From Los Angeles to Lincoln

Born in Los Angeles but raised in Lincoln, Jehvic is bringing his unique style to the hip-hop world. He's heavily influenced by big names like Lil Baby, NLE Choppa, Gunna, Drake, J Cole, and The Migos.

"New Era" - The Beginning of Something Big

NEW ERA by Jehvic

Jehvic's major move is his album "New Era." This is his first big album release, and it's packed with tracks that show off his diverse style. From conscious rap to hype tunes, love songs, and even some sad beats, Jehvic has it all. His music falls into the rap drill genre, so you know it's got that edge.

The Latest Track: "Be With You"

Jehvic's most recent single is "Be With You," featuring two other artists. It's a must-listen if you're into fresh and exciting new rap music.

Social Media Star

You can follow Jehvic's journey on Instagram (@_Jehvic), SnapChat, and TikTok. He's active on social media, sharing his music and life with fans.

Music Everywhere

Jehvic's music is available on all major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, and YouTube. He's everywhere except SoundCloud, so no matter where you listen, you can find his tracks.

Rapper Jehvic

Words of Wisdom

Jehvic lives by the quote: "You may meet someone a few years younger than you, but they may be a few years more mature than you." It's all about growing and learning, no matter your age.

Collaborations and Trivia

He's already worked with four different artists, though they're not on streaming services yet. Fun fact: Jehvic has recorded over 100 songs at home in just six months!

Big Dreams Ahead

Jehvic's goals? Grow his fanbase, perfect his craft, and one day perform at Rolling Loud. With his dedication, that day might be sooner than we think.

Stay Connected

Want to reach out to Jehvic? You can Email him -

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