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Drew The Kiiid

📍 Chicago, Illinois

Artist Drew The Kiiid

Born in the heart of Chicago, Drew The Kiiid, also known as Andrew Dean Jr., emerges as a prolific 23-year-old artist. His musical journey is an ode to the vibrant streets of Chicago, where he developed his lyrical prowess and melodic finesse.

Influences That Resonate

Drew's music is a blend of hip hop lyricism and contemporary melodies, drawing inspiration from iconic figures like Lauryn Hill, Prince, and Kanye West. These influences have shaped his unique sound, making him a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Notable Projects

Drew The Kiiid's discography is a testament to his versatility and storytelling. From the introspective tracks like "Hopeless Romantic" and "Bonded by Fate" to the dynamic energy of "Knievel Stunts" and "Vogue," his music explores a spectrum of emotions and experiences.

His most popular songs, "Comma$utra" and "Knievel Stunts," showcase his mass appeal and undeniable talent.

Crafting His Unique Sound

Drew's musical style is a fusion of hip hop lyricism and contemporary melodies. He skillfully balances traditional hip hop elements with modern flows, creating a distinctive sonic landscape.

The Latest Release: "Snowfall"

Drew's recent release, "Snowfall," delves into the inner workings of his mind. It transforms past conversations and experiences into captivating stories and events, connecting deeply with his fanbase, affectionately known as "Da Homiiies."

Stay Connected

Follow Drew The Kiiid's journey on social media:

Artist Drew The Kiiid

Everywhere You Go

Discover Drew's music on all major platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

Words to Live By

Drew The Kiiid lives by a set of personal principles: "Don't move out of desperation," "Be childlike, not childish," and "Everything is a blessing or a lesson." His philosophy encourages saying "yes" until you can't anymore and reserving "no" for when it's absolutely necessary.

Innovations and Collaborations

Drew's innovation knows no bounds. He doesn't physically write lyrics, instead opting for a unique creative process. He engineered his vocal chain to record virtually anywhere, making his music truly mobile. He co-produces most of his songs and has a background in copywriting and branding. His viiisual format combines lyric videos, visualizers, and narrative music videos.

Collaborations have been a significant part of Drew's journey. He partnered with the Illinois Lottery and featured in commercials for Reebok and Mike's Hard Lemonade. He has also opened for artists like Deante Hitchcock and Lil Durk.

Notable Achievements

Drew The Kiiid's talent shines through his achievements. He served as the lead vocalist and lead recording and editing engineer on the 2022 AMP Awards Best Original Song, "Jorts for Mike's Hard Lemonade."

Upcoming Projects

Catch Drew live at The Promontory in Chicago on Feb. 23rd. He plans to release a song and viiisual every month in 2024, keeping the excitement alive.

Artist Drew The Kiiid

Behind the Scenes

When Drew The Kiiid is in the zone, he's all about work and dedication. Don't disturb him during his creative process; he's crafting musical magic.

Personal Journey

Drew's life story is one of resilience and determination. Despite facing financial hardships during his early years, he pushed through with unwavering support from his family, which ultimately fueled his drive for greatness.

Fun Facts and Trivia

Drew The Kiiid is entirely self-taught, transitioning to music after a stint in baseball. He experienced a life-altering incident when his car was shot at while pitching records to DJs. Surprisingly, he made industry connections through LinkedIn. As a fun twist, Drew's mother was a rapper who toured with legends like Ice Cube and Too Short.

Future Goals

Drew aspires to become a champion for Chicago, launching creative incubator programs in underserved neighborhoods. His vision is to inspire artistic ambition and foster creative business acumen in the city's youth.

Get in Touch

For inquiries and collaborations, contact Drew The Kiiid at or call 312-636-5563.

Drew The Kiiid is more than an artist; he's a storyteller, a visionary, and an inspiration to those who dare to dream. Dive into his world of music


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