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Doo Gang

📍 Miami, Florida

Internet Celebrity Doo Gang

Meet Dorian Thomas, the audacious Instagram prankster who gained notoriety for his wild antics and daring stunts. With a thirst for viral fame, DooGang3x, as he's known on Instagram, pushed boundaries, setting off fireworks in unexpected places and creating chaos for online engagement. This article takes you into the thrilling world of DooGang, where pranks and online fame collide in ways you won't believe.

Social Media Fame and Pranks

DooGang3x's rise to prominence came from his audacious pranks and stunts, which he eagerly shared on his Instagram account. As a social media sensation, he garnered a massive following of over 230,000 fans, captivating them with his outrageous videos. His escapades ranged from lighting fireworks inside stores to confronting costumed characters in public spaces. DooGang3x's stunts grabbed attention, with followers and fellow pranksters rallying behind him.

Run-Ins With the Law

The line between online fame and real-world consequences blurred for DooGang3x when his pranks led to criminal charges. His most notorious escapade involved setting off fireworks inside a Dollar Tree store on Independence Day.

Captured on video and posted to social media, the incident attracted attention and led to a manhunt by Miami-Dade Police. DooGang3x, however, took his evasion to the next level, taunting officers through Instagram videos as he outwitted their attempts to locate him.

DooGang's Digital Rebellion

DooGang3x's defiance of authorities and his cheeky online persona earned him a cult following. Social media users rallied behind the #FreeDooGang hashtag, celebrating his audacity. His escape to Los Angeles added to the intrigue, as he continued posting videos of his antics and evasions. The boundary-pushing prankster's journey became a symbol of rebellion for those who relished in his daring feats.

Consequences and Reflection

Despite the fanfare, DooGang3x's escapades eventually led to his arrest. The online sensation found himself behind bars, facing charges of arson and criminal mischief stemming from his firework prank.

Doo Gang Arrested for Firework Prank

As he faced the consequences of his actions, DooGang3x's online supporters mobilized, creating a GoFundMe campaign to support him. His story embodies the fine line between fleeting online fame and the real-world ramifications of one's actions.


DooGang3x's journey from internet prankster to arrest showcases the power of social media to propel individuals into the spotlight and the unpredictable consequences that may follow.

Instagram Celebrity Doo Gang

His audacious stunts, defiance of authority, and digital rebellion left an indelible mark on the online world. As the line between virtual and reality continues to blur, DooGang's story stands as a cautionary tale and a testament to the unpredictable nature of internet fame.


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