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Cartez Street

📍 Augusta, Georgia

Meet Cartez Street: The Rising Star

Rapper Cartez Street

Hey hip-hop fans! Let me introduce you to Cartez Street, a 29-year-old rapper who's bringing some fresh beats straight from Sandersville, Georgia, or as he likes to call it, "Sanatlanta."

From Augusta to Sandersville - Cartez's Journey

Born in Augusta and raised in Sandersville, Cartez has been soaking up influences from artists like MO3, Derez Deshon, Rod Wave, and Yella Beezy. This blend of inspirations is shaping his unique sound in the hip-hop world.

"Long Road" to "Wild Out"

Cartez has already dropped some cool tracks, with "Long Road" standing out as a notable project. But it's his latest work, "Wild Out," that's really turning heads. It's all about that hip-hop, trap, rap, and a bit of RnB vibe.

Wanna check out his music? Head over to his YouTube

( and Apple Music ( profiles.

Cartez's Mantra: “Get Money and Mind Ya Business”

Cartez lives by a simple yet powerful quote: “Get Money and Mind ya Business.” It's all about staying focused and doing your thing.

Dream Collab: Rod Wave

Cartez is looking forward to collaborating with Rod Waves. Imagine the magic these two could create together!

What's Coming Up?

Get ready for the "Wet&Wild Pool Party" Music Video for his song “Boobae” coming up in Summer 2024. It's going to be a splash!

More About Cartez

He hails from a place known for the Jugg Burger and Kelly’s BBQ. Cartez's personal background includes his love for drums with extra bleu cheese - talk about specific tastes!

Rapper Cartez Street

Cartez's Big Dreams

His goal? To go bigger than most. With his talent and drive, Cartez Street is definitely an artist to watch.

Stay in Touch

Want to reach out to Cartez? Text him at (470)233-1914 (text first, please!) or shoot him an email.

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