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📍 Chester, Pennsylvania

Rapper 24th.Seimo

Meet 24th.Seimo, a rising star hailing from Chester, PA, who's making waves in the hip-hop scene with his unique style and passion for music. In this exclusive artist feature, we delve into his journey, influences, and upcoming projects.

About 24th.Seimo

24th.Seimo, representing Chester, Pennsylvania, is an artist who refuses to be confined by the boundaries of any specific genre or artist influence. When asked about his inspirations, he boldly states, "Nobody in particular. I say that to say because I get my inspiration from all music, to create my own flow and masterpiece."

Musical Beginnings

In September 2020, 24th.Seimo made his mark on the music scene with the release of his debut EP titled "Money Hungry," which is available on Apple Music. This project showcased his raw talent and distinctive sound, earning him recognition among hip-hop enthusiasts.

During the pandemic in 2019/2020, he dropped his next EP, "Act Up," exclusively on SoundCloud. This move allowed him to experiment further with his music and connect with a broader audience in the digital landscape.

Rapper 24th.Seimo

What's Next?

Currently, 24th.Seimo has some exciting projects in the works. While he keeps the details under wraps, his fans eagerly anticipate what he'll bring to the table next. His dedication to creating impactful music that resonates with his audience remains unwavering.

The Struggle and Inspiration

Hailing from Chester, PA, a small city marked by its share of challenges, including crime, drugs, and violence, 24th.Seimo draws strength from his experiences. He reflects on the losses he's endured and the obstacles he's overcome, particularly after a life-altering accident in 2022. These trials fuel his determination to make a mark in the music industry and create a better life for himself and those he cares about.

In a city where every day is a struggle, 24th.Seimo finds solace in his work and strives not to get caught up in the often perilous lifestyle that surrounds him. He exemplifies resilience and a drive to rise above adversity.

Latest Release: "No Discussion"

As a testament to his dedication and artistry, 24th.Seimo recently dropped "No Discussion," available on Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify. This track showcases his growth as an artist and is a testament to his commitment to delivering quality music to his fans.

Personal Insights and Fun Facts

Beyond the music, 24th.Seimo is a family-oriented individual who values his loved ones. He finds joy in enjoying life's simple pleasures, and when it comes to food, he has a soft spot for cheesesteaks and cheeseburgers.

In conclusion, 24th.Seimo is an artist on the rise, taking inspiration from the vast world of music to craft his unique sound. With his determination, resilience, and an ever-growing catalog of tracks, he's poised to make a significant impact in the hip-hop scene. Keep an eye on this rising star as he continues to make waves in the industry. LISTEN TO HIS MUSIC HERE: CLICK HERE

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