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Lil Durk, Alicia Keys

"Therapy Session"

Lil Mabu



Vory has released the official music video for his latest single titled “Mind Games,” and he’s getting off his bars while barely showing his face. Check it out below.

The Loris Russier-directed video was unleashed on Wednesday (September 28) and finds the rapper keeping up with his mysterious persona as he raps from the shadows about the mind games his lovers put him through.

Vory sings amongst his crew in one scene before jumping to the next where he’s getting his words off in between two women. The scene then goes to what appears to be a warehouse, where Vory joins back up with his crew.

“Yeah, playin’ with my mind, is like / Playin’ with my time, I don’t like to waste it, yeah / Rather be on vacation, I don’t like to face it / You know I got feelings for you, that’s the thing about it /I feel you’ve been hurt too many times, you need more than a hug,” Vory says on the track.

Drake Shatters Spotify Records with "Search & Rescue"!

Drake Shatters Spotify Records with "Search & Rescue"! Proving his unstoppable reign, Drake has officially surpassed 80 billion streams on Spotify, making him the most streamed rapper worldwide. The massive success of "Search And Rescue," reaching a staggering 100 million streams, further solidifies Drake's dominance on the streaming platform.

Lil Yachty

JAY-Z drops wisdom on Ludacris!

JAY-Z drops wisdom on Ludacris! Find out why his larger-than-life visuals might have overshadowed his lyrical credit as an MC. Ludacris spills the tea on the All the Smoke podcast

Lil Yachty

Lil Quill's latest album "McJagger" has been turning heads and gaining attention in the rap community. The album showcases Lil Quill's unique style and versatility as a rapper, with hard-hitting beats and catchy hooks that stick in your head. Fans and critics alike have been praising the album's standout tracks. With "McJagger," Lil Quill has solidified his place in the hip hop world as a rising talent to watch, and the album's success is just the beginning of what promises to be a long and successful career.

Lil Quill's latest album "McJagger" has been turning heads and gaining attention in the rap community.

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